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This is the floor-model coin-operated (with coin bypass) Asteroids Deluxe machine that you would have found in any arcade parlor 25 years ago. It is the 1980 upgrade of the classic 1979 arcade smash hit Asteroids. "Deluxe" is more challenging than the original. The game is reflected off a mirror in front of the monitor, and the asteroids backdrop is illuminated by a black light. The screen has the appearance of floating in the asteroid field, a very cool effect.

Condition: Our game is all-original and unrestored and it works with one "small" flaw that anyone with an ounce of maintenance skill higher than ours can no doubt easily fix: the top half of the monitor is black while the action in lower half is normal. The lights, sound, controls and the game itself still fully work; you are simply "flying blind" when you enter the top half of the screen. Obviously most players won't want that peculiar handicap --- we'd gladly have fixed it before selling, but we are electronic morons.

This cabinet is in good shape. Has some small dings, but overall in good shape. The control panel is in good shape, but has some cracks around the bend, but overall very clean. Marquee is nice and the light lights up. Coin door is nice, both lights work. Monitor has a cap kit installed, and new deflection transistors, has a great picture. It just has very light burn in, not noticeable at all with the game on. This game has revision 2 ROMs installed, I will include the revision 1 ROMs with this game (in its own antistatic tube).

Location/Shipping: We ---and the Asteroids Deluxe--- are located in western Massachusetts. It is the buyer's responsibility to arrange either pick-up or shipment. We will assist in loading, but we are not in the freight business.

Game description: You probably wouldn't have gotten this far if you weren't already hooked on this game. If you are of a certain age, you no doubt spent a small fortune in hard-earned youthful quarters trying to set record scores. But if you need a reminder:

Your job is the same as in Atari's original Asteroids: pilot a small ship through an asteroid field, destroying the space boulders as you go. In addition to the asteroids, you will face a menacing flying saucer and a mysterious alien cube. Players start with three ships at the outset of the game, and additional ships are awarded at point increments of 10,000. The exploding asteroids and the buzz of the flying saucer still match the action perfectly. The whir of the cube ships is something new, and is one of the few true improvements on the original.

In Asteroids Deluxe, the power of hyperspace is gone, replaced by a shield that protects you from asteroids and alien crafts, but the number of hits it can take is finite. Your ship still has the thrust capability, which can get you out of danger in a bind. Like its predecessor, the playing field in Asteroids Deluxe is swarming with asteroids. The large ones break into two medium-sized asteroids, and the medium ones break into two smaller ones. The smaller the rock, the faster it travels.

Occasionally, a flying saucer appears from the side of the screen to fire missiles sporadically in every direction, destroying asteroids and your ship if you are not careful. The saucer moves in a straight line on some occasions and in a random pattern at other times. The saucer is destroyed if it collides with an asteroid. The mysterious cube also appears from the right or the left and floats lazily from one side of the screen to the other. If shot by you or the flying saucer, it breaks into four ships that focus on your ship and attack. Moreover, each of the four individual ships breaks into two more ships when shot to create as many as eight swarming ships attacking you at a given time. ~ Anthony Baize, All Game Guide

Here is a classic XY vector game, Asteroids Deluxe. This is the sequel to Asteroids. Deluxe is more challenging than the original Asteroids. The game is reflected off a mirror in front of the monitor, and the asteroids backdrop is illuminated by a black light. The screen has the appearance of floating in the asteroid field. This is a cool effect.

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